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Mediation is a neutral third-party assisted, voluntary process in which participants with conflicting interests attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Although mediation is sometimes mandated by the court system, the process remains voluntary in that the parties are not compelled to come to an agreement. The power to come to an agreement is solely held by the parties themselves.  Mediation is the most common alternative dispute resolution process currently in use. Mediation offers benefits over traditional adjudication. It is usually faster and considerably less expensive than litigation. As a private proceeding mediation can offer significant benefits in a trust or estate dispute, because these conflicts often involve more than merely money.

Margaret Hand, David Baer, and John Hartog are experienced mediators who are regularly called upon by their peers to serve as neutrals to assist in the resolution of trust and estate disputes.

Mediation In Trusts & Estates Practice: Who Needs it?
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